Who We Are

Welcome to BibleRoad.org, the website for Almaden Valley Church of Christ in San Jose, Northern California. We are a non-denominational congregation, served by elders and a full-time preacher. When you come to visit, you can expect to find our family a friendly group of Christians. So please come visit us when you are in the area.

The congregation in Almaden Valley is a group of baptized believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to reproducing New Testament Christianity in our community. We are not affiliated formally or informally with any denominational organization. We are an independent, autonmous congregation working under the oversight of our two elders: Ken Wells and Bill Ball. Believing that the Bible contains the totality of God's revelation to mankind, we are committed to answering all questions by pointing to what inquirers can read for themselves in these Scriptures. Our members have gained a reputation of friendliness and concern for our visitors as well as a sincere acceptance and love for the local family of Christians.

What to Expect

When visiting the Almaden Valley church, you can count on a warm greeting by young and old alike. You will be invited to join us in acappella congregational singing. As a matter of conviction, contributions are not solicited from our visitors. The sermons are always characterized by an appeal to what you can read for yourself in Bible.

Our Bible Classes are informal, yet structured to encourage questions and participation by all.

Come Join Us

We meet at our building on Sunday and Wednesday every week. Private Bible studies are scheduled at the building or in homes by appointment. Please check the following schedule and visit us when you can. Looking forward to meeting you!

Sunday Bible Study 9:30 AM, Worship 10:30 AM & Bible Study 6:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Study at 7:00 PM

Our church building is located in South San Jose, California. We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.

Almaden Valley Church of Christ
5351 Carter Avenue
San Jose, CA 95118